Ranked Battles!

In this mode, you face off against another team of four in either of the three different types of battles: Splat Zones, Tower Control, or Rainmaker. However, your wins and losses will matter in Ranked Battle mode. You start with a rank C- when you begin and with every win you can climb you way up to rank S. You'll be the freshest squid on the block! Of course.... assuming you claim victory in nearly every battle.

Splat Zones

You are given specfic zones within the map in which your team must claim and maintain control of them. How do you do that? Well, splatter the zones in your team's ink of course! Don't let the enemy stain the zones in their ink, otherwise they will claim the zone! Remember, you are timed so make sure you try to keep the zone within your grasp until then! It is a 100-second counter and the countdown begins once you control all the zones. Once that timer hits 0, victory is yours!